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French Drains & Trench Drains Help Keep Your Yard, Patio or Driveway From Flooding

Advantages of a French Drain

Drainage problems? Help put water in its right place. Capital Concrete Cutting Inc. will cut the concrete or soil for the type of system best suited for your drainage problem. *Infographic courtsey of Infographics Portal

When seasonal rains soak your home, water can seep in and wreak havoc. Rotting wood and damaged foundations are major problems that require expensive repairs. Prevention is the best cure! Installing a drain is a simple way to protect your home from flooding.
What Is a French Drain & Trench Drain
A French drain is a long trench filled with gravel and sometimes piping, which functions as a channel to direct water away from your house. Its design is unobtrusive and allows runoff to seep back into the ground, helping to keep your yard and garden healthy.  
While French drains address water that is underground, a Trench Drain or Channel Drain addresses water on the surface.  A trench drain is installed on a slope so it can take advantage of gravity.  Steel grates are used to cover the drain to keep it getting clogged with debris like leaves and sticks.  You can even get decorative steel grates that complement the style of your home.  While some people choose to dig their own trenches for drains installed in the ground, you can save yourself from causing a potential back problem by having Capital Concrete Cutting Inc. dig your trench.  When you need a drain installed in concrete, you will need a professional like us to help.  French Drains and Trench Drains are often found: 
  • On concrete patios
  • Driveways
  • Around the exterior of the home
  • Around pools
  • Creating a Rain Garden
Concrete Cutting Can Help
High-power tools are required to cut through concrete. It’s a tough, noisy job that produces a lot of harmful dust. Concrete cutting services can make neat, consistent cuts and employ green techniques that prevent contaminants from escaping into the environment.
As you can see drains are a subtle and clever way to redirect water away from your house and prevent flooding. Save yourself the back pain and a potential major back problem and call Capital Concrete Cutting Inc. at 601-924-1379 to learn more about how our cutting services can help you quickly install one. 

Concrete trench drain, channel drain
Trench drain with decorative steel grate

You will need an expert concrete cutter to carefully cut the trench for your trench drain around pools, patios and driveways.