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Specialized Contractor in Clinton Offers Concrete Coring

Concrete core drilling is a specialized procedure where a cylindrical sample is removed with a specific, hollow diamond drill bit. Penetrating concrete requires particular tools as well as a complete understanding of structural designs. Coring can be completed at any angle, depth and size if care is taken to preserve the integrity of the structure. This technique is used to successfully prep new buildings as well as to complete renovations. At Capital Concrete Cutting Inc., our crew has over 30 years of experience cutting core samples, holes and access passages for our Clinton clients’ needs. We bring the technology, experience and staff necessary to make your project a success.

Is Core Drilling Right for Your Project?

Core Drilling - wall or floor

Is Core Drilling Right for Your Project?

Like concrete wall sawing, there are many applications for concrete coring. Stone structures are stable and last a lifetime, but often need some modifications to accommodate wiring or features. Custom equipment from trusted suppliers, such as Husqvarna, allow us to provide access efficiently and without compromising structure strength. Core drilling is ideal for creating:

  • Access for wiring
  • Pass-through holes for plumbing
  • Space for HVAC lines
  • Recesses for fixtures and lights
  • Locations for structural supports such as rebar and dowels
  • Underground construction adaptations, such as manholes and sprinkler systems
  • Drainage
  • Samples for testing and analysis

Whether you need holes drilled to an exact specification for structural elements or want access for improvements, our techniques and methods deliver predictable results.

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If you need a cutting company you can trust to deliver a reliable reputation and expert results, look no further than Capital Concrete Cutting Inc. We pride ourselves in complete customer satisfaction and impeccable results. Give us a call today in Jackson and Clinton at 601-924-1379 to schedule a consultation, or with any questions you may have.