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Highly Experienced and Readily Available Concrete Cutters

In 1986, Terry and Rita Beckham founded Capital Concrete Cutting Inc. They discovered, after spending time in the trade in Louisiana, Arkansas and Texas, that there was also a need for a concrete cutting company in Mississippi. This led them to open the company in the city of Clinton with the purpose of providing locals with a service that could be relied upon by construction project managers. At Capital, we expect our workers to provide our clients with superior customer service and quality results. This dedication has allowed us to become partners with many a significant city planner and contractor in Mississippi and in nearby states.

Our company is OSHA 10 certified, and we have the knowledge and tools to do commercial, residential and industrial work. We specialize in trenching for municipalities, digging new utility and plumbing lines. If you need standard concrete cutting, slab sawing, soff cutting, wall sawing or something else entirely, we can get it done.

Skilled Contractors Offering Slab or Flat Sawing

The practice of flat sawing, or slab sawing as it is also known, is by far the most widely preferred method of cutting concrete for demolition purposes. Consequently, Capital Concrete Cutting workers have a wide variety of saws at their disposal to use on the job so that it is done in an efficient and safe manner. If you are ready to have some asphalt or concrete removed, then flat sawing is definitely the way to go. Regardless of the intensity of the job, rest assured that we can do it, as our saws are capable of cutting through solid concrete up to 24 inches.


We specialize in residential, commercial and industrial concrete cutting. We can satisfy all your concrete cutting needs.

  • Dowel drilling for securing new slabs to existing slabs
  • Core drilling for plumbing, electrical, core samples
  • Slab sawing for demolition, installation of drains or approaches for driveways
  • Soff cutting for crack prevention in new slabs
  • Kerf cutting to alleviate standing water on slabs
  • Wall sawing on concrete or masonry to create openings for personnel or demolition
  • Grinding to level trip hazards
  • Asphalt and concrete grinding
  • Cut concrete/asphalt for trench digging for new municipal utility lines
  • Cut concrete/asphalt for trench digging for new municipal plumbing lines

Serving Mississippi, Louisiana, South Tennesee & Parts of Arkansas

Some of our clients include:

  • Ole Miss
  • Southern Mississippi
  • UMC Hospital
  • Walmart

We service clients across the Southeast.  If you have a project coming up and would like more information please call us at 601-924-1379. We offer a free estimate on our services and sales. You may also email us at or complete the convenient contact form on the Contact Us page.