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Skilled Contractors Offering Slab or Flat Sawing

The practice of flat sawing, or slab sawing as it is also known, is by far the most widely preferred method of cutting concrete for demolition purposes. Consequently, Capital Concrete Cutting workers have a wide variety of saws at their disposal to use on the job so that it is done in an efficient and safe manner. If you are ready to have some asphalt or concrete to be cut for easy removal, then flat sawing is definitely the way to go. Regardless of the intensity of the job, rest assured that we can do it, as our saws are capable ‚Äčof cutting through solid concrete up to 17 inches thick.

Flat Saw and Slab Saw Cutting

  • Concrete Slabs
  • Asphalt Paving 
  • Concrete Curb & Gutters
  • Bridges & Platforms
  • Patios & Pools

Electric Flat Saws Eliminate Hazrdous Fumes

As part of our continuous efforts to maintain the safest standards for our employees and those around us, Capital Concrete Cutting also utilizes an electric flat saw for inside sawing that has zero tolerance for any fumes. This is the safest cutting technique for areas with low ceilings or low ventilation. Electric sawing also allows for business to still be conducted on-site during a project since there are no hazardous fumes.  This makes us an ideal partner for projects on hospitals, schools, nursing homes or any project where business cannot be interrupted and must maintain the highest safety standards.
Hand Saw/Ring Saw 
The use of Hand Saw/Ring Saw is needed in tight and/or confined places where Flat Saws and Wall Saws won't reach or fit. We also offer this in Hydraulic and in Electric style. Electric is used for inside or in confined spaces where fumes are not tolerated.