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The Trusted Name in the Jackson Area for Concrete Grinding

Capital Concrete Cutting Inc. uses concrete grinding to smooth and restore cement surfaces for projects of all sizes throughout the greater Jackson area. Our concrete grinding service is a cost-effective way to prolong the life of your slab and can also be used to prep surfaces for stabilization, floor coverings, polishing or finish coatings. Stone flooring is beautiful and durable, and it has an extremely long lifespan, which makes it ideal for many residential and commercial applications. Using rotating disks, our machinery removes irregularities and old coatings, restoring the surface to create a usable product. This is an essential first step in creating a surface that is free of tripping hazards, high spots and residues.

The Trusted Name in Clinton for Concrete Grinding

Grinding tripping hazards

Leveling Surfaces Prevents Tripping Hazards & Slab Breakage

Settling can cause tripping hazards, premature slab breakage and an unsightly appearance. When sinking occurs underneath cement, sections or even entire slabs can drop, shift or move in a way that causes dangerous conditions. Our concrete leveling service lifts, restores and flattens your driveway, walkway or other area to eliminate these hazardous conditions. We hold every project to precise flatness standards and will work with you to ensure a final result that exceeds your expectations. This process is much simpler than replacement, and can save you a great deal of money, time and damage to the surrounding landscape.

Serving Jackson & Surrounding Areas

Tripping hazards are just a law suit or hospital vist away, we can help give us a call. Our estimates are always free, and our team has over 30 years of experience producing precise results and satisfied customers. We are dedicated to decreasing the environmental impact of our work, so we use electric options whenever possible to reduce pollution. Call us at 601-924-1379 today for service you can count on in Jackson and Clinton.