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Precise and Consistent Concrete Sawing in Jackson With the Soff-Cut® Method

Due to the nature of the concrete curing process, cracking will occur as the product sets. At Capital Concrete Cutting Inc., we use the specialized Soff-Cut® method to control random cracking for our clients. The solution to concrete cracks is to place control joints as one of the steps during product finishing. A joint, or kerf, is created when the surface of the material is cut using a grinder, saw or router. The location of these surface cuts directs cracking by relieving internal stresses as the product cures.

Consistent Concrete Sawing in Clinton With the Soff-Cut® Method

soff cutting - which is crack prevention only hours after pour

A Perfect Kerf Every Time

The Soff-Cut® method is a unique process that is performed much earlier than traditional concrete sawing methods. As soon as the material begins to set up, our crew tests for cutting readiness, known as the “green zone,” every 15 minutes. When surface pressure can be applied without leaving an impression, cutting using a specialized diamond blade commences, with joints being marked and placed every 12 to 15 feet. Stress due to normal shrinkage is relieved before it is needed, and cracking is controlled, occurring below the cut as intended. During the sawing process, a unique anti-raveling skid blade, blade block and diamond saw blade use surface pressure and sharp slicing to create precise results that require less joint filler and only simple cleanup. Because the material is cut while still hydrated, there is less dust and the results are more consistent.

Reliable Service Throughout Jackson

For consistent kerf cutting results throughout Clinton and Jackson, you can trust our crew and methods. We offer a variety of services, including concrete leveling and wall sawing. We are always available to discuss your project details. Give us a call today at 601-924-1379 to schedule service or for more information.