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‚ÄčSkilled Company in Clinton Offering Precision Concrete Wall Sawing

Creating openings in concrete walls or ceilings requires specialized equipment, knowledge and experience. At Capital Concrete Cutting Inc., we offer all three to Clinton customers and would love to assist with your concrete wall sawing needs. In order to safely and accurately cut through rock, we utilize special tools, including a wall saw that is designed to produce precise results, even in reinforced materials. This method is extremely effective for both interior and exterior work, and our trained team has over 30 years of experience with ceiling sawing and cement cutting.

Skilled Company in Clinton Offering Precision Concrete Wall Sawing

Electric Wall Saw - Eco Friendly and Fast

We Offer Interior & Exterior Solutions

The wall saw travels along a track and delivers straight cuts in a fraction of the time and with better results than manual methods. This technique is not restricted to use on vertical surfaces. It also works well on floors and bumpy surfaces, such as large rocks and natural stone. Our crew has experience with many applications, including:

  • HVAC venting
  • Egress doors and windows
  • Demolition openings
  • Concrete barrier reconstruction
  • Raised slab removal
  • Bridge pilars

If you have a project that requires a new opening or the elimination of a stone barrier, wall sawing is the perfect method for exact results. Our crew will work with you to design a removal strategy that works for your project and the specific site.

Wire Sawing Specalist at your service
Wire Sawing is  a system used when you need deep/thick concrete  cut  a  wall saw will  can not handle or limited on space. It also allows no overcut which is used in many cases dealing with  appearance issues as well as structural damage issues when you get into cutting real deep. Our Wire Saw is  Electric and runs off of 480 volt power. which is great for any work indoors and/or outdoors.

Also Serving Jackson & Surrounding Areas

Wheatever you  may need cut concrete or asphalt, our experienced team will work with you to ensure your satisfaction. We use electric equipment to eliminate fumes and pollution, and always keep environmental and safety concerns at the forefront of our service. Give us a call today in Clinton or Jackson at 601-924-1379 to see if wall sawing is the solution you have been looking for.